Levels of approach and Sections

Describing the different problems that cause migration expands the reach of our approach. For Cinemigrante, migrating is a state of the body, is walking through a territory looking for sustenance; is leaving a state of war, of conflict; crossing physical or imaginary borders; is moving from stillness to action; is inhabiting new places, occupying and modifying them. The approach of the Festival takes into account many different aspects regarding moving and movement. This multiple views are present in the design of the activities and in the selection of the films. Our actions are aimed at different national and international migration organizations, which also take part in the development of the contents of these actions.

Cinemigrante Film Festival primary focus is the need for encounter and dialogue, above all other human actions. Therefore, every Section of the Film Festival intends to present the essence and characteristics that these present dialogues have had and have at the moment of the encounter.


  • Dialogue between America and Europe (migration from Europe to America, from America to Europe)
  • Dialogue between American, Africa and Asia (migration from América to Africa and Asia and from Asia to América)
  • Dialogue between Europe, Africa and Asia (migration from Europe to Africa and Asia, and from Asia to Africa and Europe)
  • Inter-american dialogue (migration within America)
  • Dialogue with the big cities (migration to cities, territorial settlements, occupation of the urban space, communities in big cities)
  • The internal dialogue, the movement of the being (life stores, movement of the being)


Thematic Sections

CineMigrante is to deepen the look on human mobility to unify the reasons why each one of us decides to go out and walk a new path facing different problems as individuals but also as society. That is why, we have decided to add some specific thematic sections into our previous groups:Migration and Globalization; Migration and Human Rights; Migration and Work; Migration and Health; Migration and Education; Migration and Gender; Migration and Childhood; Migration and indigenous people; Climatic migration; Internal migrants; Refugees and asylum seekers; Boundaries; Intercultural Art, artistic expressions; Intercultural Issues in urban spaces; Intercultural Issues in daily life; Integration; Construction of identities.