About Us

CineMigrante is a young non-governmental organization that, aware of reality, and actively involved in society, builds spaces to promote human rights and cultural integration.

We work cross with all kinds of groups and organizations linked to migration issues, offering opportunities and training information for the recognition of individual potential as a basis for social transformation. We believe societies are multicultural and, that is the reason why we intend to work towards the development of that diversity.

We express, through our practices, our need to perceive ourselves as beings who are deeply influenced by different cultures, stories, dreams and realities, and that is the reason why we work, that is the reason why we move

We believe there are no hierarchies between cultures; we support the idea that all of them are equal in dignity and deserve to be respected and we invite directors to portray, relive and recover them, through the movement of images.


The aim of the 4th Edition of the CineMigrante Film Festival is to promote intercultural dialogue and integration of the cultures of different places, regions and territories of Argentina, Latin America and the world, spreading films that portray the social reality of the people that, for different reasons, had to move, migrate or inhabit other territories, away from their place of origin. We believe movement is an essential part in the constitution of beings. In this sense, CineMigrante Film Festival proposes denaturalizing the impervious identities on which the current society has been constructed, promoting a meeting point for different cultures that constitute our social reality.

The CineMigrante Film Festival proposes describing the current problems that intercultural movements entail, tackling the migration issue in a way that has been left out by the stereotypes constructed by the media. The films talks about the reality and the esthetic of the african, latinoamerican, european and asiatic cinematography; about the multiple dialogue between Argentina, América, Europe, África and Asia. They also tell stories of immigrants, but also about emigrants; of political immigrations between states, domestic migrations, economical migrations. They talk about currents, flows and roads; inmigrant women, inmigrant men, children, expectations and shared dreams, beyond the borders.

Organizing this Film Festival in Argentina is an even deeper challenge. The history of this country has been always in permanent observation, specially in regards to the constitution of it’s identity. At first, land of natives, then inhabited by a huge european immigration that caused a forced migration from Africa and later, more migration flows from other Latin American countries. All this, merges and nourishes our practices constantly, building an identity that needs to be developed collectively. For that reason, through the CineMigrante Film Festival in Argentina we intend to strengthen the ties of the historical dialogue of the identities, in order to build roads of mutual recognition between different cultures.

The CineMigrante Film Festival proposes a recognition of the others, a recognition of the internal other which will allow us to consolidate our own identity, contributing to our historical knowledge and individual recognition which will make us feel reflected on every man and woman and, finally, constitute ourselves.