Exhibitions Presentation

One of the most important objectives for the people who is part of CineMigrante is to reach all the spaces that conform our country as a hole but also to border areas. All areas where people converge within diverse backgrounds, different cultures and different colors by promoting education through outstanding film productions and educational workshops on human rights. CineMigrante then moves, moves towards the construction of footpaths, roads and streams of dialogue, recognition and identity formation.

What is the purpose of the traveling exhibition of CineMigrante?
CineMigrante organizes small screanings of its previous editions in order to create a cultural environment that allows approach, deepening and awareness of human mobility. That is, from the dissemination of culture in a massive scale, generating a plausible area of knowledge of other realities, experiences and stories that create the necessary platform for individual recognition, configuration of identity and recognition of equal needs for all human beings. The completion of CineMigrante Festival is a new opportunity to install a cultural approach to migration issues that need a deep and sensitive understanding that works to combine actions in order to promote the recognition of identity.

What content do we developed?
The work done by CineMigrante is developed through an area of dissemination of art and film, which highlights 53 titles from Africa, Asia, Europe, U.S. and Latin America, divided by geographical lines, known as American / European dialogue, Africa/Europe Dialogue, Inter-American Dialogue, etc also arranged from themes that span the universe of migration: Globalization, Human Rights, Border, Labor, Health, Gender, Human Trafficking, Children and Refugees.

Who can apply?
The screenings may be requested by government agencies, areas of education and training in human rights, non governmental organizations (NGOs), civil associations, cultural institutions, migrant organizations, groups, etc that wish to disseminate intercultural values, work on discrimination, xenophobia or racism and human rights training of migrants through the audiovisual language.

How to apply for CineMigrante’s screenings?
You should contact us in order to find a common proposal according to the needs of the space proposed. We will determine content areas, days of screaning and objectives. CineMigrante makes a selection of materials for the screening days according to the contents and modalities that the organization proposes.

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