I have received an invitation to the pre-selection process – what does that mean?
Receiving an e-mail, which says that your movie has been invited to participate in the pre-selection process, means that we see a strong potential for the film to be part of the programme of the 8th edition of the CineMigrante International Film Festival, which will take place in this year’s september.
In order for the film to be evaluated in the pre-selection process, it is required to fill out the registration form and submit the movie online (that is, send us a link and password if needed or upload the movie via Movibeta).
The movie can be considered only if both requirements are fulfilled.
In case of being selected for the final programme, we will contact you again to confirm and let you know the technical specifications required for the projection.
If the movie is selected, will the director be invited to present it?
If the film is selected for the final programme, we will do our best to ensure that the filmmakers can present their movie personally to the audience in Buenos Aires. We do this in close cooperation with the embassies, which support this opportunity to dissiminate the country’s culture through audiovisual productions.
What should I do if I want to submit my film?
We invite you to complete the following registration form: cinemigrante.org/inscripcion-privada

Once you have filled out the form, you can select in which way you want to send the film:

a. Via Movibeta, please upload the movie on the Movibeta Festival platform: http://en.movibeta.com/

b. Via other digital platforms such as Youtube, Vimeo, etc. – please inform us of the password, if needed. You can also send a downloadable link (Dropbox, We Transfer, etc). In this case, the file should not exceed a size of 6 GB.

In exceptional cases, WHEN YOU DO NOT POSESS A DIGITAL VERSION OF THE FILM, it is possible to send a copy by post. For further details, please see the instructions in our regulations: cinemigrante.org/en/reglamento

Can I participate if the movie does not have spanish subtitles?
If you do not have a version with spanish subtitles, we ask you to put us in contact with a spanish-language festival which has shown the movie, so we can obtain a copy of the subtitled film or the subtitles itself. If the movie has not been shown in such a festival, we ask you to provide us with a dialogue list (preferably in spanish – or, if spanish is not available, in english or french). Please note that the dialogue list needs to contain the corresponding time codes. The time codes are essential, without them the movie cannot be shown.
What do I need to provide in case of my film being selected?
In case of being selected, we would need you to send the following material:


In the .mp4 format, codec H.264

in HD quality (1920X1080)
Recommended bit rate between 10mbps – 30mbps



If available, you are very welcome to send press dossiers, brochures, photos and posters in order to provide information to the press and promote the film to the audience.

I have other material which deals with the festivals’s topics, but it was not recently produced – can I still submit it?
CineMigrante is not only a film festival, but also promotes the formation of human rights through audiovisual arts. In this regard, all received materials become part of a media library, which is made available to migrant communities, organizations and institutions which address this issue for educational purpose and to raise conciousness of human rights of immigrants. You are invited to send material for this media library all year, regardless of the year of production.