Jesusa Rodríguez

Mexican filmmaker, actress, dramatist, performance artist, scenographer, business woman and social activist, has been recognized as the most prominent woman in México. Her shows cross genre boundaries, challenging the traditional classification: from the elite to the popular mass; from the greek tragedy to the cabaret; from the Pre-Colombian Indians to the ópera. Main activist in performance actions within political projects. She and her partner, the Argentinean singer/actress Liliana Felipe, own and direct alternative culture theatres in México city: El Hábito and Teatro de la Capilla. They have received an Obie Award for best performance in Las Horas de Belén, A Book of Hours (1999) together with Ruth Meleczech and the artist Mabou Mines, from New York. Rodríguez writes for the most important feminist newspaper in México, Debate Feminista.