Javier Corcuera

Born in Lima, Perú has studied filmmaking since he was young. He also studied Image Sciences at the Complutense University of Madrid. He gained recognition after the success of his documentary “La espalda del mundo” (The Back of the World), who won an international critics award in the San Sebastián Film Festival. In the film he denounced the violation of the human rights, such as child labour or death penalty. His other documentary, “La guerrilla de la memoria” (The Guerrilla of Memory) is a strong denunciation of the dark period that took place in Spain, due to the persecution of the maquis, who denied to accept Franco’s dictatorship at the end of the Civil War, keeping the weapons loaded, while everybody else considered the war over. He approaches the migration issue in his last documentary “Checkpoint Rock”, Canciones desde Palestina which was shot together with Fermín Muguruza in 2008. The film was shot in Israel, Gaza and Cisjordania and is about a trip from the outdoor advertisings and neon lights to the marginalized arab neighborhoods, interpreted by Palestinian musicians.