Florencia Mazzadi


Since 2010 she directs the CineMigrante International Festival. Realizing the career of Lic. And Professor in Secondary Education in History at the University of Buenos Aires, she began working at a very young age as curator and editor in the Museums of the City of Buenos Aires. Then she is appointed coordinator of the Carlos Gardel House Museum.

From 2004 she began to work in film and until 2010 she works in the film archive of news of the Cinema Museum. Participates in documentaries as a screenwriter and researcher in film and memory. In 2009 she received a grant from the Ministry of Culture of the Government of Spain for the training of Ibero-American professionals in the follow-up of the documentary processing of the funds of the Spanish Film Archive. Currently, she also works in audiovisual projects from performative languages, experimental cinema and expanded cinema.