CineMigrante opens its call for audiovisual works for the 10th International Festival of Cinema and Formation of Human Rights, which will take place between September 10th – 18th 2019 in the City of Buenos Aires and in many other parts of Argentina, with free admission.

We invite filmmakers to participate with their feature films, medium-length and short films that address migration issues. We understand migration as a condition of the body, it is walking along a territory in search of a fruit, a sustenanceit is to leave behind a war or a conflict; it is crossing an inner bordera physical or an imagined one; it is leaving the state of defenselessness to take action; it is inhabiting new spaces,occupying them and modifying them. This is why the approach of the festival is absolutely transversal.

Eligible are documentaries, fiction films, animated films and experimental projects produced in 2016 or laterDeadline for the 10th edition is July 1st, 2019, that is we receive the material until that day.

jury composed of important personalities from cinema, media, and defense of human rights, and interculturality, will award the prizes for the Best Feature, Best medium- length film and Best Short film with awards for post-production or production and special prizes awarded by the several participating organizations.

CineMigrante is a cinematographic space which attracted more than 54,500 people during its past nine editions, with screenings, meetings and events in order to raise awareness of human rights.  The CineMigrante International Film Festival provides a space for exhibiting films and other audiovisual works (for which it might be difficult or impossible to be shown at commercial venues) to include them in the cinematographic and cultural agenda of Argentina.  Today, CineMigrante is a cultural space promoting human rights, with an impact not only on Argentina, but on whole Latin America, having showcases in Spain, Italy, Colombia, Mexico and Costa Rica.

CineMigrante is a space for disseminating, highlighting and raising awareness of the lives, experiences and problems of all the people who inhabit this world and who for any reason, decided to leave their place of birth and migrate. We aim to generate instances of recognition in others and in the other, a recognition of the ‘otherness’ that allows to strengthen our identity, contributes to our historical but also individual knowledge in order to rethink ourselves and our society.

We invite you to join!


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 CineMigrante stands for equal rights, not for having been born in a certain place, but for the simple fact of being in a certain place. CineMigrante migrates, it walks a path, be it voluntarily or out of duty, out of necessity to fight for being able to be.

CineMigrante is not a border, CineMigrante is a horizon